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THE BRIDE WORE SPURS (The Inconvenient Bride Series #1)

Lacey O’Carroll worried about her future when she arrived in Wyoming as a mail-order bride for a man who hadn’t actually ordered her. To ensure her future, she donned his spurs and claim his wild heart on her terms—one way or another.

Kathleen Lacey O’Carroll knew she faced an uncertain future when she arrived in Wyoming as a mail-order bride—especially when she learned that the man she was to marry hadn’t actually ordered her. How could John Winterhawke, a fiercely independent and unsettling handsome half-Indian possibly make room in his heart and in his life for her?

As far as Hawke was concerned, the last thing he needed was a high-spirited, overeager Irish wife who knew nothing about surviving on the harsh prairie. But once the determined Lacey sensed the rough kindness and simmering hunger under Hawke’s forbidding demeanor, she set out to match his dark passion with her own—and claim his wild heart on her terms.


The Bride Wore Spurs made me cry and laugh so often, I had to put it away on the train as I was embarrassing myself! Sharon has an amazing gift of wit, combined with a talent for telling a charming love story in a stunning setting. I could really see and hear the characters as well as imagine the beautiful Wyoming territory as it must have
looked nearly 150 years ago. I could not put it down until I finished and then felt bereft there was no more to read!” By Lisaki

“Sharon Ihle plays on your heartstrings and tickles your funny bone all at the same time.” Romantic Times

Pistols 3-D PISTOLS AND PETTICOATS–From bestselling authors Barbara Ankrum, Adrienne deWolfe and Sharon Ihle come three fresh novellas, featuring three firebrand ladies, each determined to make her mark while making her match.

ETHAN’S BRIDE – 27,000 word sequel to CHASE THE FIRE (Wild Western Hearts, Book 4)
Violet Bradford desperately wants a child. Believing herself barren, she answers Dr. Ethan Walker’s advertisement for a mail-order bride in Colorado, knowing he only wants one thing: a mother for his young daughter. Surely the joys of motherhood can compensate for a loveless marriage. But Ethan’s broken heart won’t stop tugging at hers. And Ethan soon realizes he must risk his heart again or risk losing it all.

SHADY LADY – 26,000 word prequel to DEVIL IN TEXAS (Velvet Lies, Book 4)
Fiery singing sensation, Sadie Michelson, thinks falling in love is bad for business—until William “Cass” Cassidy, a hotheaded gunslinger, sets his sights on wooing her. But when a Texas Ranger arrives in Dodge City to extradite Cass for a crime of passion, Sadie must use all her wits and wiles to lure the law from her man’s trail. And that means risking everything—including Cass’s love.

BAREBACK BRIDE – 25,000 word sequel to THE BRIDE WORE SPURS (The Inconvenient Bride Series, Book 1)
Expert horsewoman, Shannon Winterhawke runs away from home to join the Buffalo Bill Wild West extravaganza. Shannon is hired on the spot, but the show’s head horseman, Seth Edwards, simply sees another flighty gal looking for a cowboy fling before settling down with some unsuspecting fool. But all bets are off as Shannon slowly sneaks into Seth’s heart and lassoes him with his own rope.


From best-selling authors Patricia Rice, Adrienne deWolfe, Sharon Ihle and Patricia Hagan come four award-winning tales featuring four feisty lady troublemakers who finally meet their match. Four complete novels in one volume.

TEXAS LILY: In a time when women are to be seen and not heard, widowed Lily Porter has a child to raise and a ranch to save. Cade is part Apache brave, part Mexican grandee, the perfect choice for ranch foreman, until Cade turns all that power and forbidden passion on Lily.

TEXAS OUTLAW: Fancy Holleday has more nerve than the average thief. No man can resist her smoky voice and violet eyes—including federal tin-star, Cord Rawlins. Cord has sworn to resist, but the Nevada penitentiary is a long ride north, and Fancy’s wicked smile hides a desperate secret.

THE LAW AND MISS PENNY: When US Marshal Morgan Slater awakes, head throbbing, he believes a lovely lady’s claim that he is her cousin and member of her family’s medicine show. Mariah has good reason for misleading the hard-headed lawman hell-bent on shutting down her legitimate business—until cousinly banter turns into forbidden passion.

SAY YOU LOVE ME: Jacie Calhoun refuses to marry the man to whom she’s promised, after learning that her mother, taken captive long-ago by the Comanche, might still be alive. But warrior Luke Howling Wolf isn’t about to give up his beloved adopted mother—Sunstar—his tribe’s revered medicine woman, despite his passion for Jacie.


“Ms. Rice is in her element as she gives us a recipe for romance… one delicious read.” ~Romantic Times

“Funny, fresh, fast-paced and romantic, Texas Outlaw is an entertaining read.” ~Susan Wiggs, National Bestselling Author

“Master storyteller Sharon Ihle spins a heartwarming tale full of humor and tears… brilliant, candid, and poignant dialogue. Tears will be running down your face at the touching conclusion. This is a book you’ll read!” ~Rendezvous

“Say You Love Me is intense and very emotional… Well worth the read.” ~Heather Chamberlin, Amazon Reviewer



INCLUDES: The Bride Wore Spurs, Book 1: Kathleen Lacey O’Carroll knew she faced an uncertain future when she arrived in Wyoming as a mail-order bride—especially when she learned that the man she was to marry hadn’t actually ordered her. How could John Winterhawke, a fiercely independent and unsettling handsome half-Indian make room in his heart and in his life for her?

Marrying Miss Shylo, Book 2: Shylo McBride never thought her little fib about being related to the president would result in a marriage proposal from Dimitri Adonis, a stunningly handsome man true to his Greek god namesake. But Shylo doesn’t want marry—all she wants is a ticket out west so she can find her mother.

The Marrying Kind, Book 3: Liberty Ann Justice runs her family’s newspaper in Laramie, Wyoming Territory, with all the fire of a born and bred journalist. When a handsome, silver-tongued stranger named Donovan comes to town, Libby mistakes him for her employer’s son—the man trying to shut her down


UNTAMED (Wild Women Series #1)

Shunned by her family, kidnapped by Indians, a young woman learns to stand on her own two feet…even as a handsome rancher sweeps them out from under her.

GOOD MEDICINE: Working as a laundress at Lola’s Pleasure Palace, Josie Baum doesn’t know anything about playing nursemaid. But when a Cheyenne warrior whisks her off to care for his friend, Daniel McCord, she doesn’t have a choice. Suddenly Josie is alone in a remote mountain cabin with a man who expects her to do all of his household chores—and cater to his every whim.

After many years of cooking and cleaning for her fifteen step-brothers and father, she isn’t about to spend the rest of her days serving someone as pompous as Daniel McCord…even if he did happen to quicken her pulse every time he was near.

FOR A PROUD MAN ON THE MEND: Half-Cheyenne, Daniel has only one desire—to right the wrongs done to his people. He isn’t ready for the new hunger that stirs deep within him at the sight of Josie’s glowing, fair-skinned liveliness or her resistance to his charms. But determined to melt the heart of this willful, intoxicating beauty, he will use every skill of seduction to make her his.


Bookbug on the Web: “If you’re hankering for a humorous western romance with action that never lets up, do yourself a favor and read UNTAMED.”

Harriet Klausner: “Award winning Sharon Ihle writes what may be her best historical to date with the humorous, but often times serious UNTAMED. The jocular story line is filled with an entertaining plot that provides readers with a feel of the era. Ms. Ihle deserves another award with what should be a best seller.”

The Writers Gazette: “Ms. Ihle’s incredible sense of humor shines brightly in this bawdy adventure as she exquisitely transforms an unfortunate first impression into a wild, exciting, romantic journey in which no reader can predict the outcomes. Bravo! Highly recommended, a must read.”


 THE LAW & MISS PENNY (Law & Disorder Series #1)

A Lawman with amnesia who doesn’t know he’s being pursued by a gang of outlaws; a fake Kickapoo Indian medicine woman shelters and uses him to test her new love potion…what could possibly go wrong?

When he awoke by the side of the muddy road, with a throbbing head and a lovely woman bending over him, he couldn’t remember even his own name. Morgan slater, U.S. Marshal, had to accept pretty Mariah Penny’s word that he was her cousin, Cain Law.

Mariah had good reasons for misleading Morgan, but there was an attraction between the raven-haired beauty and the lawman that made her long to turn cousinly conversation into more than a friendly encounter. Cain soon found himself running afoul of the law he had sworn to protect, all in the name of a forbidden passion.


Romantic Times…”An absolutely delightful love story…a charmer, a beautiful little gem.”

Rendezvous…”Filled with tongue-in-cheek humor, clever dialogue, and strongly conceived characters who come alive for the reader. Great reading!”

Heartland Critiques…”A gourmet meal for the discriminating romantic palate. Five gold stars!”


WILD ROSE (Wild Women Series #3)

Winner takes all when Maxine’s father loses her in a card game…and Spanish Don Dane del Cordobez claims her as his own.

Born beneath a wandering star, spirited Maxine McKain spent her girlhood roaming the mining towns of the California gold country. But her freedom ended abruptly when she was lost in a bet at a San Francisco gambling saloon—to seductive Dane del Cordobez. From the moment he saw her, Dane was enchanted by the red-haired prairie wildcat. He vowed to civilize his untamed western rose.

From the breathtaking splendor of the Sierra Madres to the magnificent elegance of a San Diego rancho, the amorous aristocrat pursued the elusive beauty who’d conquered his heart. But what was destined to take them beyond danger, beyond desire, and beyond their wildest dreams was their fiery love.


Heartland Critiques: “Sexy, sensuous, titillating, humorous, and compelling … delightfully refreshing dialogue makes this book a charmer and this author a breath of fresh air! 5 Gold Stars!”

Kathe Robin, Romantic times: “Wild Rose showcases Sharon Ihle’s wonderful story telling talents!”

Rendezvous: “This one is a true delight! Filled with delicious humor.”


MARRYING MISS SHYLO (The Inconvenient Bride Series #2)

He portrays himself as a rich Greek; she as the non-existent niece of the resident–False pretenses gave way to true love…

PASSIONATE DECEPTION: Shylo McBride never thought her little fib about being related to the president would result in a proposal from Dimitri Adonis. He certainly was as stunningly handsome as his Greek god namesake, but Shylo had no real desire to marry—all she wanted was a ticket out west so she could find her mother.

Dimitri had his own less than noble motives for posing as a wealthy aristocrat and seducing an American debutante. While he and Shylo struggled with their tangled web of lies, they discovered that beneath their deceptions lay true love’s sweet embrace…


Heartland Critiques..5 Gold Stars “It never ceases to amaze me how Ms.Ihle can come up with such creative, unique situations…With her sense of the ridiculous, she creates absurd hilarity and tear-jerking pathos that can keep you laughing, crying, and turning pages.”

Rendezvous…”The humorous dialogue and spicy vernacular will keep you laughing as the tangled web of deceit is surprisingly resolved. A winner from the pen of Ms. Ihle.”

Romantic Times…”Delightful…enchanting…ingenious…delectable!”


THE MARRYING KIND (The Inconvenient Bride Series #3)

He was a handsome rogue, a charming companion, and anything but … The Marrying Kind

Liberty Ann Justice ran her family’s newspaper in Laramie, Wyoming Territory, with all the fire of a born and bred journalist. When a handsome, silver-tongued stranger named Donovan came to town, Libby mistook him for her employer’s son—the man trying to shut her down—and hated him on sight.

Not trusting Donovan any more than a low-down snake, Libby headed to San Francisco to fight a battle for the life of her paper. Donovan insisted on escorting her, but Libby told herself that she had no use for him, despite the way her heart pounded at his touch. She might deny her feelings with all the breath in her body, but she couldn’t hide the truth from a man who saw into her soul the way he did.


“Sharon Ihle is one of our time’s best western romance authors, and The Marrying Kind will only enhance that reputation.” Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Coeur

“Another simply marvelous romance from a wonderful writer. A fabulous romance with a feisty, feminist heroine. A charmer and a keeper.” Kathe Robin, Romantic times

“True to her past acclaimed books, Ms. Ihle delivers the spunky heroine, fast and witty repartee, and the hero who needs reforming. She captures her reader for hours with no will to put the book down!” 5 Gold Stars. In House reviewer, Heartland Critiques

“Sharon Ihle weaves a story that combines emotional intensity with quiet, heartwarming humor and contrasts the brawling sections of town with the high society of 1883 San Francisco to perfection. Excellent account of the perils of the women who fought and pioneered the Suffrage movement. The Marrying Kind is an exhilarating, tumultuous love story that will leave you wanting more.” In house reviewer, Rendezvous


WILDCAT (Wild Women Series #2)

She was Calamity Jane’s sweet little sister until a devilish gambling man stole her heart.

SUGAR AND SPICE: In searching for her sister Martha, lovely Ann Marie Cannary found a crude mining town, a run-down cabin, and a fiercely independent creature known as Calamity Jane. Annie had no sooner stepped through the door when she was swept into a brawl, and thrust into the arms of the most heartstopping man she’d ever seen—Lucky LukeMcCanles, notorious gunman and gambler.

To Luke, Annie looked as sweet as sugar candy, and, betting against all odds, he decided to play a gentleman’s hand to win her. Until he woke up to find himself in Annie’s bed—married to her. Then it was up to her to show him that a man could run, a man could hide, but he couldn’t escape when he’d lost his heart to a …WILDCAT.


Romantic Times: “In Wildcat Sharon Ihle succeeds in bringing the vibrant color and unbridled passion of the west to full-blooded life…A love story that rings with exuberance, reality, and triumph.”

Rendezvous: “A tender love story…passionate and strong-willed.”


THE BRIDE WORE FEATHERS (The Proud Ones Series, #1)

(formerly titled, Dakota Dream)

… captures the blazing pride of a new nation—and the furious heat of a forbidden ecstasy.

Bound by Passion: Dominique DuBois was a golden beauty, and niece to General George Custer, a stalwart enemy of Indian nations. She could not explain her fierce attraction to a shy and handsome private in her uncle’s charge—she only knew that Jacob’s gaze unlocked a fiery longing within her, a hungry desire that was forever etched upon her soul…

Betrayed by the deceit: But Jacob was a man of dark secrets. On behalf of his adopted people, the Sious, he undertook a dangerous mission that would ensure the demise of the General. Yet his heart was forever entwined with the bold and bewitching Dominique. For one last tender kiss, for one smoldering embrace, the Sioux warrior would risk everything …

“A stirring love story destined to intrigue Indian romance fans. Ms. Ihle presents a different, often sympathetic portrait of the embittered General, his family, and the reasons that drove the Sioux to rebellion. This is a beautiful story of a forbidden love that survives prejudice and war.” Kathe Robin, Romantic times


TO LOVE A SCOUNDREL (Law & Disorder Series #4)

formerly titled Gypsy Jewel…

She was a lady Pinkerton detective in disguise … in danger … in love!

Manhunter: She lived for danger. A beautiful Pinkerton agent, Jewel Flannery disguised her identity to track down outlaws. And she always gother man.

Ladykiller:He lived for passion. A magnetically handsome riverboat gambler, Brent Connors could have any woman he wanted. Except the one “jewel” he desired most of all.

He was a man used to winning. She was a lady with a mission: to track the notorious Jesse James. But Brent saw a secret fire burning behind Jewels disguise—a wild, sensual longing that betrayed her undercover mission. They were both searching for robbers—but what they found was a treasure more precious than gold, more savage and reckless than a stolen kiss…Their love was the greatest danger of all.


“Sharon Ihle is someone to watch…this is an utterly delightful romance liberally laced with sensuality and surprises.” Kathe Robin, Romantic Times.

“… is just plain fun…filled with twists, turns, and unexpected moments, Brent and Jewel kept me well entertained in this fast-paced adventure with a heroine who changes guises as easily as she changes her clothes.” In-house reviewer, Rendezvous.

“Wonderful, an intriguing tale.” Katherine Kingsley


 A LAWMAN FOR MAGGIE (Law & Disorder Series #3)

Formerly Titled Maggie’s Wish


A WOMAN’S WISH…Maggie Thorne and her daughter Holly want the same thing for Christmas: the return of Holly’s father, a man who left Maggie alone and pregnant seven years ago, with a promise to return.This year they might get their wish; Maggie’s hired a Texas Ranger to find Rafe Hollister and bring him home for Christmas.

It didn’t take Matt Weston long to find his quarry and nail him for a scoundrel who no more deserved Maggie’s devotion than he did a second chance. But it’s Rafe Maggie wants and no matter how desperately Matt would like to claim her for his own, it’s Rafe she’ll get—after Matt’s made an honest man out of him.

A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE TO LAST A LIFETIME…true to his pledge, Matt does his best to turn this deadbeat father into something decent for Maggie and Holly, while secretly hoping that Rafe will fail to win Maggie’s heart. What Matt doesn’t know is that Maggie shares his desire. For how can she explain to the man working so hard to make her ‘almost’ husband presentable that she has fallen impossibly in love with him—and only him.


“The perfect stocking stuffer. These characters will tickle your funny bone while their love story will surely warm your heart. With all the makings of a Christmas classic, MAGGIE’S WISH should be on every romance lover’s holiday wish list.” Rebecca Vinyard/Romance Central

“Sharon Ihle is back and she is better than ever. Her latest historical, “Maggie’s Wish” is historically accurate, funny and mesmerizing. Ms Ihle’s storytelling abilities remain brilliant but her characterizations, with their depth and dimension demonstrate a gift that has been honed to a razor sharp quality” Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Couer Magazine


 WILD HEARTS (Wild Women Series #4)

Formerly published as Tempting Miss Prissy

SWEET DECEPTION: Respectable rancher’s daughter Priscilla Stillbottom always wanted to perform on the stage. But she never expected that in fleeing from an unwanted husband, she’d become the star saloon singer in a rough-and-ready Colorado mining town. And she certainly never imagined that she’d have to outwit devilishly attractive saloon owner Payton Cobb in order to hide not only her past, but a newly sparked hunger too.

RECKLESS TEMPTATION: Payton Cobb knew that most folks who came to Central City were funning from something, so he insisted on learning what he could about the elusive “Miss Prissy.” But he soon found her fiery innocence a danger even his independent heart couldn’t run from—or resist!


“Sharon Ihle is a veritable artist in her craft! This book is a real work of art!” The Literary Times

Romantic Times: “… is funny, poignant, tough and tender. As always, Ms. Ihle delivers a dynamite keeper.”

From Rendezvous: “Sharon Ihle remains one of the top gunslingers of the western romance genre and once again exhibits her golden touch with this old-fashioned, heart-warming romance. Outstanding characters and a lively wit, two of Ms. Ihle’s trademarks, infuse this work. A high-spirited, entertaining story that will grab readers by the heartstrings and rope them right in. An irrepressible delight that is not to be missed.”


 THE HALF-BREED BRIDE (The Proud Ones Series, #2)

(formerly titled, River Song)

This award-winning novel is a sweeping novel of the fierce glory of a divided nation—and the fury of a forbidden, but undeniable love.

A heart ruled by vengeance: Torn between two worlds, Sunny Callahan was the daughter of a mixed marriage—and she vowed to avenge her Indian mother’ senseless death. Her search led her to a man whose seductive smile was both tender and tempting…Handsome Cole Fremont was a strong-willed rancher whose rugged looks ignited a fiery yearning in her proud and hungry heart…

A soul set free by love: Cole could never forget—or forgive—the brutal Indian attack on his own kin. But Sunny, the bewitching Quechan beauty, had captured his heart, turning hatred to desire and awakening a bittersweet longing for the woman who could never be his—and a forbidden love that should never be…


“A beautifully written story with many twists and turns.” Kathe Robin, Romantic times

“Sharon Ihle has a firm grasp of historical romance. This plot has many intriguing twists and suspenseful surprises, right up to the end. A wonderful love story about two people from different worlds.” Bea LaForce ; The Alpine Sun.


The Outlaw Was No Lady (Law & Disorder Series #2)

Formerly titled ‘Spellbound’

A beautiful Gypsy well-versed in con games.

A former outlaw whose villainous family is tracking him down.

When these two collide on a floating circus trolling the Mississippi for customers, what could possibly go wrong?

Tired of living on the run and on the wrong side of the law, Rayna Sebastiani is thrilled to come across a circus steamship touring
the south after the civil war. Luther ‘Gant’ Gantry, a former outlaw and part owner of the circus, recognizes a kindred spirit in Rayna, but fears she will
bring trouble to the troupe. He’s none-too fond of her trained pig either. Is their passionate, all-consuming love enough to conquer all?

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