I know my New Year’s wishes are a little late, but I’ve just returned from a wonderful Christmas in London with my daughter, Lisa,her hubby, and their two sons. I think I may have eaten my weight in my favorite U.K. treats—tart-sized mince pies and shortbread cookies made in Scotland. We’ve been to Lisa’s home for Christmas before, but this year for the first time, we had one of England’s favorite desserts during the holidays—Christmas pudding. I can assure you I did not gain any weight on this offering. Yuk. To like this dessert, I think you have to be a fan of fruitcake, raisins, candied citrus and other unidentifiable ingredients. I am a fan of none of those things, so this is just my humble opinion.

While visiting with Lisa and family, we took a day trip to Stratford City, the site of the 2012 Olympics. We were fortunate enough to get up close and personal with the stadiums, buildings, and even the Olympic village where the athletes will stay. Housed right in the middle of all this is a beautiful new shopping center, Westfield. We went to the top of one of London’s more famous department stores, John Lewis, and got terrific views of the Olympic construction sites. Just beyond, in full view, is the City of London. These memories should make our Olympic experience on television that much more exciting.

That’s about it for now. I’ve imported a few pictures of the family taken during the trip, as well as one shot of the Olympic torch foundation. Next up I plan to start a new series that could easily be titled, “The Diary of a Mad Scribbler.” I hope you’ll join me for the journey…


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